Saigo Takamori The Last Samurai of Japan

Saigo Takamori (Born: 23 January 1828-Died: 24 September 1877) original name is Kichinosuke was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese History. He lived during the Meiji periods. Takamori was led the Satsuma Rebellion against the Meiji government. The historian Lvan Morris described Takamori as “The Quintessential hero of modern Japanese history”. In 1867, Saigo Takamori was the represent the shogunate government. He achieved the peaceful surrender of Edo castle and successfully conducted the coup d’etat of “Osei Fukko”.

Saigo Takamori

Takamori was later put in command of over 50,000 samurai, a large segment of the imperial army. As a Sangi (councilor) in the new government, his participation in the restoration made him a legendary hero. In 1873, he resigned his government post after losing in the Seikanron.

Takamori initially disagreed with the modernization of Japan. He opposed the construction of a railway network, insisting that money should instead be spent on country army modernization. He did insist that Japan should go to war with Korea because of the Koreans repeated withholding to recognize the legality of the Empire of Japan.  

The other leaders of the restoration strongly opposed these plans, arguing that internal development took priority over costly military adventures. After that Takamori resigned as commander of the military and returned to kagoshima.

In 1877, with the motivation of the students at his private school in Kyushu, Takamori organized the Satsuma Rebellion against the government Takamori had helped to restore and he was defeated by the government army and committed suicide. Then Takamori became a symbol of devotion to principle. Overcome the affection that the people had for this hero of tradition, the Meiji era government recognized his bravery and pardoned him posthumously on 22 February 1889.

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