5 Contemporary Videos Released in Ninjai Unofficial YouTube

HIstory is the witness about the glorious past of the Ninjas, they were warriors, saviors, fighters against injustice.

Ninja – The Ancient Warriors

Here we will view the story and overall message of Ninjai movie, the little bird friend and the various enemies, all the chilling sword scenes, history etc.

Ninjai The Little Ninja – Animation Movie, Characters, Friend, Enemy, Full Story, Best Anime Series

This is a live video bible of the best scenes collection, which describes the history, background, fight scenes, bird friend of Ninjai, slaying demons, warrior spirit of Ninjai and much more.

In his journey he contemplates a lot and talks to his little bird friend. The conversation in indeed worth watching.

Ninjai The Little Ninja – Best Anime Web series, Flash Animation Movie, Adventures, Best Scenes

The roles of Ninja are quite noteworthy as they are special individuals and assigned critical missions. They have a lot of protocols to follow to conceal their identity and achieve their mission.

They are intelligent, alert, down to earth, great fighters, super agile and committed.

Ninja’s Two Main Roles

The Most Popular Flash Anime Web-Series

Back in 2000s, Ninjai – The Little Ninja was one of the most talked about flash animation web-series released, it consisted of few seasons, with 10-12 episodes each having impressive story lines.

Ninjai The Little Ninja – Most Popular Flash Anime Web-Series

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5 Best videos of Ninjai Unofficial YouTube Channel

Hey, All Ninjas Fans, here is a few quick videos— all are based on Ninja Warriors

Authentic ninja swords need to be strong and flexible to be wielded with precision. The preferred weapons of the ninja were the katana and straight blade swords like the ninjato.

Ninja Swords – Preferred Weapon of the Ninja | Ninjai Unofficial

Katanas were not used by most ninjas, as most ninjas were commoners and as such were not allowed to carry weapons in public.

Katana – Effective Weapons of Ninjas | Ninjai Unofficial

When people talk about ninjas, they talk about the fighting style.

A true ninja never wants to fight, but if the situation suggests there is no other way out other than violence, then the ninja must get into cold bloodied fighting with the enemy.

Fighting Style of Ninjas | Ninjai Unofficial

The actions of Ninjai are very super cool, and furious at the same time, it takes a great dare to be like a ninja and mostly when we see Ninjai speeding with the swords, we know that there are lots of amazing facts about Ninjai that we do not know.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja – Amazing Facts to Know

The Ninjai movie is a solo, energetic journey of a Ninja named Ninjai and his cute good friend in the form of a bird.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja | Long Live the Spirit

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New Videos Released in Ninjai Unofficial YouTube Channel

Hey, All Ninjas Fans, here is a few quick videos— all are based on Ninja Lives

It’s not a child’s play to become a ninja, its unimaginable of what it takes to become a ninja, have a look at this video bible

Massive discipline and dedication is needed to become and perform as a ninja, let a look at this video bible about a few facts related to very specific attributes of ninjas.

A lot of information about ninjas and their lifestyle is misinterpreted by the common public, but as a ninja fan, we all should know the right fact about ninja, what are they and their values in real.

The shuriken is a legendary ninja weapon from the movies, with many historical examples.

It is difficult to pin down the emergence of the first ninja more properly called shinobi after all, people around the world have always used spies and assassins it seems more likely that the ninja slowly evolved as an opposing force to their upper-class contemporaries, the samurai, in early feudal Japan

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Real Life Weapons Used by Ninjas

Only a few ninjas have served as assassins. Instead, they were commoners who were most often employed to spy and sabotage one’s enemies, blending in with the common people. However, they did engage in secret warfare from time to time.

Because they were primarily commoners, their weapons are mostly derived from farm tools. But they also used the swords and bows familiar as weapons of war in their day.

Some ninja weapons are only from the movies, while others were used in real life. Let us explore a few of the more popular ones from the movies to see how they measure up.

Shuriken (Throwing Star)

The shuriken is a legendary ninja weapon from the movies, with many historical examples. You might not know that shurikens were thought to be made originally from modified farm equipment bent into the shape of the star. But they were not just used by ninjas but were a common weapon of war. They were highly effective, so why not?

They are iron throwing blades covered in charcoal to prevent rust, giving them their infamous black color. Often, poison was adhered to it through the charcoal. They worked great as distractions, were easy to hide, and could kill through the poison.


Katanas were not used by most ninjas, as most ninjas were commoners and as such were not allowed to carry weapons in public.

However, as katanas were well known as effective weapons of war, when a ninja was off to an assassination mission or a high-class man allowed a sword, katanas certainly would be used.

The effectiveness of the katana is well known. It was the preferred weapon of samurai. However, the inability to hide it was a huge drawback for ninjas.


Kunai are a kind of utility knife commonly used by ninja. It was initially a digging tool like a spade used in farming. From this original use, it was helpful to ninja for digging, climbing, as a crowbar, and cutting, stabbing, and throwing knives. The fact that they were used in farming and easy to conceal makes them the ultimate utility for ninjas.

Ninja weapon kunai

The ring at the end of the handle could be used for tying rope and wrapping at the end of a stick for a makeshift spear. Extremely useful!


The nunchuck is a traditional Japanese weapon that comes from a horse bit. It is made of two of these bits tied together with a metal chain. Using it in training can help to develop quick movement and better posture.

It originated as a solution for commoners in Okinawa who had all their weapons taken away from warlords. It did spread but was never widely used by actual ninjas.

However, in movies, it is an extremely popular weapon for its beautiful movements and cool fighting style that comes from it.


Kama comes from a farming tool used to reap crops and takes the shape of a miniature scythe on a stick. Some ninjas did use it, although not with the chains or dual wielding often seen in the movies.

It was not the best weapon for stealth but could be concealed and was effective as a killing weapon.

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Top 3 Trailers – Ninja-Based Movies

The history of the ninja has been a subject of fascination for centuries. Tales of their battlefield accomplishments, undented loyalty, and exceptional combat skills are highlighted. They facilitate these warriors to be the center of fictional stories in the cinema. Some of these films are nothing short of beautifully made. However, getting an audience to understand the nuances behind ninja-based movies is a challenge. The untrained eye could easily argue that these action-based films are much the same. It’s the trailer that defines why these ninja-based movies will capture eyes, hearts, and minds. Here are 3 of the most beautifully crafted ninja-based movie trailers that achieve that goal.

1. Duel to the Death (1983)

Duel to the Death was released in 1983 to much critical acclaim, being hailed as the ‘best swordplay movie ever’ even today. This ninja-based movie arguably served as the starting point for Hong Kong cinemas ‘golden age.’ The trailer for the film showcases why Duel to the Death is so highly regarded. It catches attention through the extraordinary fight choreography and unique aesthetic combat style.

The trailer is well-constructed by not only offering viewers high-octane action thrills but redefining how ninja movies are presented. The scenery, cinematography, action, and narrative all seamlessly intertwine within the trailer to back the combat scenes with a compelling story of facing up to inner demons. Duel to the Death set the standards for ninja movies to come, and it’s instantly recognizable in the trailer.

2. Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (2005)

‘Shinobi: Heart Under Blade provides a fascinating premise of fusing Western and Eastern interests of ninja films – and that is certainly outlined in the trailer. The Western intrigue comes from the exceptional use of wiring fighting paired with the adrenaline-inducing use of CGI effects. The Eastern fascinations stem from the visual depiction of the popular novel ‘The Kouga Ninja Scrolls.’

The trailer pairs the visual flair and immersive story very well. It portrays the ‘Romeo and Juliet’-Esque forbidden romance tale in a fierce clash of opposing ninja clans. Viewers find the trailer packed with the action they crave, showcasing the flash combat abilities of both factions. They battle against each other while audiences become engaged to discover how the love of two sworn enemies fleshes out. It’s an excellent display of how to tell your audience why this ninja-based movie will win you over.

3. Ninja: Shadow of a Tear (2013)

Trailer from YouTube

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear had the daunting task of recapturing an audience where the film’s predecessor was not well received by critics. The trailer did a fantastic job of reinventing the ninja-based franchise. It incorporates an exclusive aesthetic style based on excess and tenacity. There’s not a moment where your eye would drift away from lightning-paced, loaded shots of each fight sequence.

The critical consensus behind this 2013 film is that it offers the most value from a ninja-based movie. The trailer of Ninja: Shadow of a Tear does align with that critique. It presents an enticing story of vengeance amongst combat that is a feast for all the senses. The film’s goals are well-articulated in the trailer, and most viewers would be drawn in to discover the outcome of the revenge plan.

4. Ninjai – The Little Ninja [Bonus Content]

Although it does not have a trailer right now, but i was inspired by the story line of this cute movie. Originally it was a web-based Flash cartoon/animation about the journey of a little ninja named Ninjai, accompanied by a small bird as a friend named ‘little bird’, and the fantastic adventure of fighting with demons and enemies.

It hosts few gruesome fight scenes with the demons and carries on a calm vibe though- it seemed that the creator has found a fine balance.
you can check more about Ninjai movie here.

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