5 Best Ninja Game for PC of All Time That Let You Play as Ninja

Creep up our list of the best ninja PC games and we revel in fantasies of power and experiences of a real ninja. In this article we are taking about the best ninja game on PC and something about that. Mark of the Ninja Mark of the ninja (Released Date: September 7, 2012) is aContinue reading “5 Best Ninja Game for PC of All Time That Let You Play as Ninja”

Mortal Kombat the Best Martial Arts Fantasy Movie of 2021 | Ninjai Unofficial

Almost 30 years after “Mortal Kombat” a reboot to film franchise based on mortal kombat game and arrives in theaters and on HBO Max for 30 days. In this article we are talking about the full movie… Mortal Kombat (Release Date: April 23, 2021) is a martial arts fantasy Movie based on the video gameContinue reading “Mortal Kombat the Best Martial Arts Fantasy Movie of 2021 | Ninjai Unofficial”

Top 5 Must Watch Sports Anime of all Time

The drama, the intensity and the entertainment are just developed anime, and who don’t love more dramatic and intense moments with adorable characters. We have a list of top 5 anime based on sport. Hajime no lppo Hajime no lppo (Release Date: October 4, 2000) is Japanese anime series based on the manga written byContinue reading “Top 5 Must Watch Sports Anime of all Time”

Five of The Best Anime Movies Released in 2022 | Ninjai Unofficial

Anime is computer-generated animation mostly originating from japan. And in this article check the list of brand new movies directed by the most famous animation directors, a with you in 2022. Dragon ball Dragon ball: super hero (Initial release date: June 11 2022) is an forthcoming japanese computer animation adventure movie produce by Toei AnimationContinue reading “Five of The Best Anime Movies Released in 2022 | Ninjai Unofficial”

Saigo Takamori The Last Samurai of Japan

Saigo Takamori (Born: 23 January 1828-Died: 24 September 1877) original name is Kichinosuke was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese History. He lived during the Meiji periods. Takamori was led the Satsuma Rebellion against the Meiji government. The historian Lvan Morris described Takamori as “The Quintessential hero of modern Japanese history”. In 1867,Continue reading “Saigo Takamori The Last Samurai of Japan”

The Five Most Famous Ninjas of Feudal Japan by Little Ninjai

Because the ninja (Shinobi) was assumed for secretive and only, when necessary, works. This is a reason of less of mark on the historical record then those of Samurai. But ranking the most famous ninja is certainly no easy task. With a renge of abilities, strength, and war skill, it is hard to determine. IContinue reading “The Five Most Famous Ninjas of Feudal Japan by Little Ninjai”

Collection of Informative Videos About Ninjas

History is the witness about the glorious past of the Ninjas, they were warriors, saviors, fighters against injustice. Ninja – The Ancient Warriors Here we will view the story and overall message of Ninjai movie, the little bird friend and the various enemies, all the chilling sword scenes, history etc. Best Anime Web series, FlashContinue reading “Collection of Informative Videos About Ninjas”

Must Watch: Top 3 Trailers of Ninja Warrior Movies

The history of the ninja has been a subject of fascination for centuries. Tales of their battlefield accomplishments, undented loyalty, and exceptional combat skills are highlighted. They facilitate these warriors to be the center of fictional stories in the cinema. Some of these films are nothing short of beautifully made. However, getting an audience toContinue reading “Must Watch: Top 3 Trailers of Ninja Warrior Movies”

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