Experience of The Koka Ninja Village

Get a feel for the life of a ninja at the popular koka ninja village. And enjoy the activities to test your ninja skills, a visit to the koka ninja village will transform you into a legendary ninja (shinobi).

Koka Ninja Village

The koka ninja village is one of ninja-related attractions, on with the ninja house. The koka ninja village offers guests a chance to transform in to one of mysterious spies and alow to practice ninja skills. If you’re traveling with kids in koka ninja village is definitely worth considering! Form koka ninja village offers a free shuttle ride to the village. There is also a museum at the village displayin various tools used by the koka ninja in the past.

You can also rent a ninja costum for 1,030yen (+100yen for cap). If you love advencher then try mizugumo and see if you can learn to walk on water.

You can practice scaling castle walls and shuriken throwing will cost a 100yan, you can also practice your balance too!

Ninja House

The ninja house is a nearly 300-year-old ninja dwelling. This is with trap doors, secret passages, and devices to protect the residents or provide an easy escape.  It is cute small compared to ninja house in koka ninja village. There are the same original traps and hiding sports, as well as a shuriken throwing range.

Koka Ninja Restaurant

The restaurant itself has the same traps and hidden room as a ninja home, and the staff explain the different artifacts, like the classic shuriken, after the you’ve enjoyed your meal. The menu features ingredient that the ninja ate to maintain their body, end of the meal, chew down some hyorogan (Ninja diet)- a natural “energy pill” that ninja used to take, made of a crushed blend of rice, vegetables, herbs and seeds, and sugar.

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