Saigo Takamori The Last Samurai of Japan

Saigo Takamori (Born: 23 January 1828-Died: 24 September 1877) original name is Kichinosuke was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese History. He lived during the Meiji periods. Takamori was led the Satsuma Rebellion against the Meiji government. The historian Lvan Morris described Takamori as “The Quintessential hero of modern Japanese history”. In 1867,Continue reading “Saigo Takamori The Last Samurai of Japan”

Experience of The Koka Ninja Village

Get a feel for the life of a ninja at the popular koka ninja village. And enjoy the activities to test your ninja skills, a visit to the koka ninja village will transform you into a legendary ninja (shinobi). The koka ninja village is one of ninja-related attractions, on with the ninja house. The kokaContinue reading “Experience of The Koka Ninja Village”

A Brief History of Ancient Japanese Weapons

Japanese warriors have been characterized all over history by presenting fighting techniques. Japan’s ancient warriors also plied less glamorous, lesser-known and therefore possibly more interesting weaponry. Other weapons, like rocket launchers, seem more fit for manga ten actual battlefields. List of five Japanese weapons form the ancient period: Kanabo

The Five Most Famous Ninjas of Feudal Japan by Little Ninjai

Because the ninja (Shinobi) was assumed for secretive and only, when necessary, works. This is a reason of less of mark on the historical record then those of Samurai. But ranking the most famous ninja is certainly no easy task. With a renge of abilities, strength, and war skill, it is hard to determine. IContinue reading “The Five Most Famous Ninjas of Feudal Japan by Little Ninjai”

Ninjai and Glorious Legacy of Ninjas

Ninjas are considered one of the more enigmatic figures in world history. Not because of their role in Japanese military history, but because of how that figure has transcended the halls of history to become a pop-cultural icon not only in movies, but also in written media and video games. But what do we knowContinue reading “Ninjai and Glorious Legacy of Ninjas”

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