Tekken: Blood Vengeance the Best 3D Animated Martial Arts Action Movie of 2011

Tekken: blood vengeance movie was based on fighting game series name as tekken. In this article we are taking about the full plot of this movie…

Tekken: blood vengeance (Release date: July 26, 2011) is a Japanese animated martial arts 3D action movie. This movie was distributed by Asmik Ace Entertainment and produced by Digital Frontier. And this movie 2D version was also released on November 22, 2011, in DVD version.

This movie storyline events are between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 movie. Nina Williams is currently working with a new head of Mishima Zaibatsu the Jin Kazama. Anna also works for Jin’s father Kazuya Mishim. Bothe are trying to find the information about Shin Kamiya, Anna sends student spy in school named Ling xiaoyu and jin sand a robotic spy named Alisa Bosconovitch.

In the time of investigation Xiaotu and Alisa become friebds. And after knowing each other facts, Anna destroy Xiaoyu and the G corporation.

After some days Alisa recreate the Xiaoyu and they are training to discover about the genetic experiments done on Shin and his friends, and they discover all facts. The Heihachi Mishima was used to Shin for tempt Kazuya and Jin. After that Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin fight together in their devil forms. Jin uses his powerful devil energy and victor the fight.

After the win fight jin telling Xiaoyu that he expects a future challenge.

In the climax Alisa and Xiaoyu back to school’s festival, and the planning to enter the next king of iron fist tournament.

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