Sword of the Stranger the Best Martial Arts Adventure Movie of All Time

This movie is refreshing the adventure anime movie style and prove to be wonderful animation movie of all time. In this article we are discus about all “Sword of the Stranger” movie plot.

In 2007 sword of the stranger is a most famous animated martial arts adventure movie these released by Shochiku and produced by Bones, directed by Masahiro, character design by Atsushi Morikawa and written by Fumihiko Takayama.

The time of Sengoku period in Japan, an adult boy named kotarou and his cute dog Tobimaru stay with a monk shouan for help to master Zekkai at the temple in the Akaike Province.

One day the warrior of Ming attacks the village, and Nanashi kills him, but Tobimaru is injured by a poisonous dagger. Kotaro decide to hire Nanashi as a bodyguard. And Nanashi takes Tobimaru to an animal doctor for his treatment.

Akaike soldier capture the Tu-Si, who is stated the purpose of the altar. After that Tu-Si  was tell he has on a mission from the Ming Emperor to made a program of deathlessness known as the Xian Medicine. Tu-Si tell the key ingredient of medicine is blood of divine child Kotaro.

Lord Akaike then changes project to capture Kotaro and think to hold him for a high payment. One day lord Akaike attempt to take Kotaro, Nanashi realizes something is bad and returns to home. But lord Akaike already gone with Kataro so Tobimaru showed the way to lord Akaike and Kataro.

After some time Nanashi comes to fortress, then he recovers form amnesiac and remove the cover of his sword. Suddenly Bai-Luan attempts to shoot Nanashi, but Luo-Lang kills Bai-Luan and challenge Nanashi to dual combat.

The two most power full swordman fight with each other and suffering many injuries, Nanashi finally defeats and kill Luo-Lang. In the climax of this movie Kotaro rides with Nanashi and Tobimaru and talking about starting a new life together.

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