Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night the Best Animated Action-Adventure Movie of 2021

It’s forever feels nice to leave in your own dreamland. And have all the superpowers you wish to. Action fantasy movies are do something similar. They take you to a completely different world. In this article we are talking about one of the best animated adventure fantasy movie that you must watch once…

Sword art online progressive: aria of a starless night (Released Date: October 30, 2021) is a Japanese animated action-adventure movie written by Reki Kawahara. Sword art online progressive: aria of a starless night movie is based on the Sword Art Online: Progressive light novels and produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Ayako Kono, and character designs by Kento Toya. This is the 2nd movie of sword art online series.

In this movie Akihiko Kayaba creates a virtual reality multiplayer online role-playing game named Sword Art Online (SAO). It has a single interface that covers the players all head. This game controls the player’s mind. Also, players can control the game characters with their minds without any physical movement.

This game has its own battery source, as well as a high frequency electromagnetic transmitter. Its powerful microwaves are also destroying your brain. On 2022 November 06, 10,000 players login to sword art online for the first time, only for discovering the game but unfortunately, they are unable to logout the game.

Asuna has logged into the game with her friend Mito and trapped inside the game. After some time, Asuna’s fights with Kirito one of beta testers for SAO. He has benefit of knowing details about the game. He cut off himself form other players then plays the game alone. after getting very much of struggle Kirito and Asuna able to overcome their differences to find the power to believe in each other.

If you are an animation movie fan and have time to watch this movie, the movie version is well value the time.

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