The Man with the Iron Fists Best American Martial Arts Action Movie of 2012

Quentin Tarantino (American Filmmaker) introduces The Man with the Iron Fists best action-adventure martial arts movie. Inspired by kung fu movie Russell Crowe. In this article we are talking about this movie…

The man with the iron fists (Release Date: November 2, 2021) was written by Robert Fitzgerald Diggs and Eli Roth and directed by Robert Fitzgerald Diggs. This movie casts are Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, Cung Le, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Rick Yune, Dave Bautista, Jamie Chung, and Byron Mann. And this movie was earned $20 million at box office.

In 19th– century China, jungle village is home to several clans. And blacksmith is creator of dangerous weapons for clans and use his money to purchase the freedom of his lover Lady Silk and leave the village.  But the region’s governor tasks the lion clan’s leader Gold Lion for protecting a large parcel of gold that most pass through the village. Gold is protected by his armed force Silver Lion and Bronze Lion. Zen-Yi learns of his father’s murder how to fight deadly enemies.

When the gold parcel arrives in the village, with two skilled warriors. The Lions fight with warriors and capture all the gold. Jack arrives to investigate the incident and learns that the Geminis are poisoned with mercury- tipped weapons. For his mistake blacksmith brass cuts off his forearms. Jake saves him form bleeding to death. After some days blacksmith tells jack of his past, he went to China, where monks trained him to use body’s energy to convert superhuman feats.

After listening all jak create a greatest weapon, a pair of iron forearms that he can using this energy, Zen Yi recovers and joins jack and the blacksmith. When silk tries to poison Brass, his skin protects him, then Brass almost kill her. Zen Yi, Jack, and The Blacksmith arrive and join Black Widows to fight and kill each other.

At the end Jack leaves the village to accompany the gold, and Zen Yi tells the blacksmith that he has gained a bother. With the clans destroyed the village is safe.

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