Top 5 Must Watch Sports Anime of all Time

The drama, the intensity and the entertainment are just developed anime, and who don’t love more dramatic and intense moments with adorable characters. We have a list of top 5 anime based on sport.

Hajime no lppo

Hajime no lppo (Release Date: October 4, 2000) is Japanese anime series based on the manga written by George Morikawa and produced by madhouse, Nippon Television and VAP and directed by Satoshi Nishimura, it follows the story of the main character, Ippo Makunouchi, he is a shy young man who works with his mother. One day, as Ippo is walking backwards home, Ippo is approached by Masahiko Umezawa and two other bullies.

They start beating him up and make fun of him and his mother. Suddenly, a jogger walks by and scares the bullies away. Ippo losses consciousness so the jogger takes him to the boxing gym where he works out in and heals his injuries. With his tough body and unstoppable fighting spirit, the kind young man seeks to take on the world.


Haikyuu (Release in 2014) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Hinata Shouyou, a short middle school student, gained a sudden love of volleyball after watching a national championship match on TV. He set goal to become like the championship’s star player, a short boy named “the small giant”, Hinata joined his school’s volleyball club. Unfortunately, he was the only member. He finally acquiring 5 other players in his final year, was capable to compete in an actual competition. They face the championship favourite and its star player, Kageyama Tobio in the first round. For this Shouyou’s team was defeat.

Run With the Wind

Run with the wind (Release in 2018) is a Japanese anime adaptation of Shion Miura’s novel with the name “run with the wind”. Haiji Kiyose is a fourth-year student at kansei university who has been stealthly gathering men. As Kakeru Kurahara, a snappish first year student, becomes the promising tenth member, Kiyose dreams of participating at the Hakone Ekiden, a famous relay university marathon rece.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s basketball (Release Date: September 3, 2016) is a Japanese sports anime movie series written by Noburo Takagi, directed by Shunsuke Tada and Music by Ryosuke Nakanishi. In this movie the last three years, Teikou Middle School has influenced the national basketball scene with its legendary lineup: the generation of miracles. Kuroko wants to prove to the seirin team that he is strong in his own way. Seeing his conviction, kagami forms a dynamic partnership with kuroko, the latter promising to support kagami’s “light” as his “shadow”.

Ace of the Diamond

Ace of diamond (Release Date: October 6, 2014) is an anime series based on the manga by Yuji Terajima serialized in weekly Shonen Magazine. The series was produced by Madhouse and Production I.G. The story follows Eijun Sawamura, a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they attempt for Japan’s storied koushien championships through hard work and determination.

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