Ninjai – The Little Ninja : Original 2022 | All Episodes 1 – 13, Downloads, Watch Online

Ninjai: The Little Ninja All Episodes 1 – 13

The series is extremely popular, and it carries a decent excitement among the ninja community. Whoever will watch the starting episodes, he will have a natural craving for The Ninjai: The Little Ninja Full episodes. So, as news are coming — that in year 2022, the full series may be available for public viewing, so the ninja lovers can go for a full-on binge when Ninjai is out. The Ninjai IMDB listing is also speaking about the 2022 release, still we have to wait for an official announcement.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja Original Episode 1 and 2

The initial episodes is expected to give a lot of impetus to watch the later episodes. It is expected that Ninjai: The Little Ninja Full episode 1 English will make some remarkable impression among the audience. Sword scenes, chase scenes, breathtaking visuals, excellent background music are some of the great attraction points of the series. The creators have given their best and it was quite adorable by the audience.

Continuing with the episodes of Ninjai, it is expected that there will be more surprises and actions scripted. If someone watched the episode 1, he is surely not leaving his couch without watching Ninjai: The Little Ninja Full episode 2. It is going to be action-packed and adventurous.

Ninjai s01e01 watch online

Ninja loving audience want to watch all the episodes of the series in a go, the main reason is the episode 1, it does not fail to create a good amount of interest to watch the further shows. But I must say no one should miss the Ninjai s01e01 watch online. Happy watching all the Ninjai episodes after it is officially streamed.

You may watch it here when it goes live: Ninjai s01e01 watch online episodes.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja Download

Even the episodes are up and streaming for audience, we can also download and keep it offline so we can watch and share it. The Ninjai: The Little Ninja Download link is expected to be available soon by the production team of Ninjai Gang and we can get started and download the whole thing.

What Happened To Ninjai: The Little Ninja 2022

So what happened to Ninjai – The Little Ninja ? The IMDB claims that the movie Ninjai: The Little Ninja 2022 is slated for release this year. This is good news and the long wait of the Ninjai lovers is soon going to end.

Stay Tuned for more updates for the release of the full original web series of Ninjai.

More About the Original Ninjai Movie

It all started very calm and still… 

From the trailer we come to know the beginning episodes were centred around the Ninjai’s solo journey through the dark jungles and most of the time talking to himself. Ninjai is the name of the lead character -who is a small smart kid with a fighter mood and is very skilled in sword fighting, at the same time, he was very calm and composed.  

Ninjai was mostly thinking about life’s question, who was he and what is the purpose of life? The episodes seem to progress with all these calm scenes and cool contemplative audio, this continued the jungle natural vibes… 

After a little while, Ninjai meets a few unnamed thieves and rogues who attack him and threatened to harm him, but Ninjai was unshaken- he started defending them with great sword skills, and the rogues lose their life. The Little Ninja was small guy but with the art of his superb fighting skills, we come to know that he is a real ninja, so that is the origin of the movies tag line – “The Little Ninja”.  

The serious fighting abilities created more curiosity among the audience. The script writer and the flash animators can take the full credit of the action-packed fighting scenes and its popularity. The animators must have a tough time designing the gruesome blood scenes, the wide sword movements chopping off the enemies’ heads. In real, it was an impressive animation presentation by the whole team of Ninjai Gang. Even though the enemies’ appearances in the series are very scary –Ninjai do not seem to care much about them, he remained confident to defeat them, the only thing that disturbed Ninjai is the question about this life and purpose. 

The Journey Continues: 

In one instance, when one enemy asked who he was and Ninjai answered: “That’s what I’m trying to figure out.”. All these kind of dialogue exchanges make us realize the focal point of the series is something contemplative about life and its journey. The Ninja continues his journey and takes rest after the fighting encounters with the aggressors. Further he meets different other character – some are becoming friend to Ninjai and some attack him vigorously. 

While coming across an original Ninjai blog, I found that Ninjai also met a funny scientist, but that was a very brief meeting. Ninjai describes him as a “Funny Man,” but Ninjai saved him from a tricky situation for which the scientist thanked him. 

Ninjai continued his journey by few rivers and walking through the jungles, he came across a gang in one village and one archer from the gang suddenly attacked Ninjai, but it took no time for Ninjai to deal with the archer. He used ninja stars and sword to cut him to pieces. 

After all these mini battles, there is no doubt, the enemy’s clan is hunting for Ninjai to kill. The enemy group gathers all their associated and make plan to track Ninjai and finish him off. During the journey, Ninjai could feel the presence of evil enemies which he is about to meet. In the meantime, we see the series continuous fighting and chasing scenes. And finally, Ninjai was caught in their hands, but due to un-matching fighting skills of Ninjai, he charged the first two enemies easily cutting them into pieces. 

This shows that Ninjai was very skilled to use other ninja weapons. If we see ninja history, there a lot of weapons used by Ninjas- viz.  

Kusarigama – a complex tool having a chain, a sharp metal, and a weight. 

Katana – swordlike, effective weapons of war. 

Shuriken – A popular and portable weapon used by Ninjas aka star. 

Makibishi – Kind of escape tool – usually ninjas throw these small weapons in the path of the chasing opponents. 

Kunai – One of the original weapons of the ninja clans, you can see one end is a sharp blade and another end has a hole. 

Kakute – A stealthy tool and the ninja can use to attack immediately, worn in fingers. 

Manriki Gusari – Useful for defense or to freeze the opponent and disable to make any further movement. 

Tekko Kagi – Very visible and direct weapons to attack, it is worn in the hand. 

With time- Ninjai meets a little bird friend and starts talking when there is a respite from enemies. They talk very comfortably sitting on a branch of a tree on starry nights. After few conversations, they were good friends and now they decided to move together.

Impressive Action Scenes 

If we see the teaser even, it is quite exciting with swords flinching and blood sprinkling from the enemies’ bodies.  

In this series, there are a lot of scenes with the enemy’s face smeared with red blood looking ferociously. Other scenes include swords flashing and appearing from multiple angles towards Ninjai and he escapes them successfully. You will witness few scenes where Ninjai is directly challenged by huge sized demons, but as usual- Ninjai defeats them with conviction. 

The confident reactions of this Ninja movie is worth watching. The animators have also given great attention to the music, voice-over and background scenes which makes series a superb one. 

This series was a web-based Flash animation episodes, and it was top notch as per the earlier fans. Seeing the trailer, we feel that the series carries a fantastic story line comprising adventure, aggressive fighting, calm scenes of conversation, harsh faces of enemies, troops of demons holding flags and preparing for a big attack and lastly a cute little bird and the calm yet aggressive Ninjai. 

Ninjai – The Little Ninja was one of the most talked about web-series released back in 2000, it consisted of few seasons, with 10-12 episodes. The series was admired as one of the best at that time. Still there is a lot to know about this series, as per IMDB, there are news that one full length feature movie is getting ready to be released soon. 

Stay Tuned!

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