The Dragon’s Female Warrior- A Thrilling Short Story

Kawami was imbued with the power to control his chi and also transform it to fire. His team of Ninja assassins all had unique talents that they used to win the war. But now, ever since they hanged their capes, they’ve used their skills to protect the Shinobi village. However, the birth of Mira brought trouble to the town. Aside from her charming looks and outstanding charisma, Mira’s ability to summon the Great fire dragon, Tailong, made her a target. With that kind of power, all emperors eyed the tiny village of Shinobi.

The Hayato, Nagato, Makie, and Majikko clans couldn’t come anywhere close to Mira’s powers even with all their skills. All the kids in these clans had special abilities that they inherited from their Ninja warrior parents. So, the kids carried on the clan name as a reminder of where their powers came from.

As teenagers, Mira and her friends, Fang, Tao, Wei, and Yan loved to play by the ocean because it gave them a glimpse of the world beyond. After all, they all wanted to see what was out there. They were never allowed on boats. With their special water manipulation abilities, the Hayato clan created a barrier around the ocean to guard against attacks from the outside world.

Patrols from the Hayato clan took turns to guard the walls and ensure no one crossed without authorization from the chief. But kids will always be kids. Fang used his plant manipulation skills to grow a twig that acted as a bridge towards the wall. Then Tao used his skills to create a fog that served as camouflage as they ran across the twig to the wall.

Unfortunately, it was on the same day there were threats of an upcoming attack, and upon arriving at the border, the other side was filled with armed soldiers trying to make their way through the wall. Immediately, Mira panicked, and her heart started racing. Within minutes, Tailong flew to the rescue, burning all the soldiers into ashes that nothing was left. That was the first and the very last time Mira ever tried to come even a few meters close to the wall because she was afraid of the power she possessed.

This was a short story from my imagination, you can check more Ninja stories in my other blogs

Thank You!

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