Real Life Weapons Used by Ninjas


Katanas were not used by most ninjas, as most ninjas were commoners and as such were not allowed to carry weapons in public.

However, as katanas were well known as effective weapons of war, when a ninja was off to an assassination mission or a high-class man allowed a sword, katanas certainly would be used.

The effectiveness of the katana is well known. It was the preferred weapon of samurai. However, the inability to hide it was a huge drawback for ninjas.


Kunai are a kind of utility knife commonly used by ninja. It was initially a digging tool like a spade used in farming. From this original use, it was helpful to ninja for digging, climbing, as a crowbar, and cutting, stabbing, and throwing knives. The fact that they were used in farming and easy to conceal makes them the ultimate utility for ninjas.

Ninja weapon kunai

The ring at the end of the handle could be used for tying rope and wrapping at the end of a stick for a makeshift spear. Extremely useful!


The nunchuck is a traditional Japanese weapon that comes from a horse bit. It is made of two of these bits tied together with a metal chain. Using it in training can help to develop quick movement and better posture.

It originated as a solution for commoners in Okinawa who had all their weapons taken away from warlords. It did spread but was never widely used by actual ninjas.

However, in movies, it is an extremely popular weapon for its beautiful movements and cool fighting style that comes from it.


Kama comes from a farming tool used to reap crops and takes the shape of a miniature scythe on a stick. Some ninjas did use it, although not with the chains or dual wielding often seen in the movies.

It was not the best weapon for stealth but could be concealed and was effective as a killing weapon.

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