Must Watch: Top 3 Trailers of Ninja Warrior Movies

2. Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (2005)

‘Shinobi: Heart Under Blade provides a fascinating premise of fusing Western and Eastern interests of ninja films – and that is certainly outlined in the trailer. The Western intrigue comes from the exceptional use of wiring fighting paired with the adrenaline-inducing use of CGI effects. The Eastern fascinations stem from the visual depiction of the popular novel ‘The Kouga Ninja Scrolls.’

The trailer pairs the visual flair and immersive story very well. It portrays the ‘Romeo and Juliet’-Esque forbidden romance tale in a fierce clash of opposing ninja clans. Viewers find the trailer packed with the action they crave, showcasing the flash combat abilities of both factions. They battle against each other while audiences become engaged to discover how the love of two sworn enemies fleshes out. It’s an excellent display of how to tell your audience why this ninja-based movie will win you over.

3. Ninja: Shadow of a Tear (2013)

Trailer from YouTube

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear had the daunting task of recapturing an audience where the film’s predecessor was not well received by critics. The trailer did a fantastic job of reinventing the ninja-based franchise. It incorporates an exclusive aesthetic style based on excess and tenacity. There’s not a moment where your eye would drift away from lightning-paced, loaded shots of each fight sequence.

The critical consensus behind this 2013 film is that it offers the most value from a ninja-based movie. The trailer of Ninja: Shadow of a Tear does align with that critique. It presents an enticing story of vengeance amongst combat that is a feast for all the senses. The film’s goals are well-articulated in the trailer, and most viewers would be drawn in to discover the outcome of the revenge plan.

4. Ninjai – The Little Ninja [Bonus Content]

Although it does not have a trailer right now, but i was inspired by the story line of this cute movie. Originally it was a web-based Flash cartoon/animation about the journey of a little ninja named Ninjai, accompanied by a small bird as a friend named ‘little bird’, and the fantastic adventure of fighting with demons and enemies.

It hosts few gruesome fight scenes with the demons and carries on a calm vibe though- it seemed that the creator has found a fine balance.
you can check more about Ninjai movie here.

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